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Racoon Hair Extensions

Racoon Hair Extensions

I have been doing Racoon hair extensions since 1997 and in this time I have seen so many changes.  Hair Extensions have really moved on in the last few years and now offer much more achievably fabulous hair.

Racoon International offer three extension methods which have been endorsed by an independent Trichologist, and are scientifically proven to not damage the hair.  The application methods are Fusion, Pre Bonded and Micro Wefts - there is also a range of aftercare products to keep your hair extensions looking fabulous!

I personally love the Fusion method.  This enables you to create the perfect colour match by blending colours together in one bond which gives a completely natural look.  The Fusion method is great for clients with very fine hair because it enables you to apply tiny invisible micro bonds. and the hair comes in a great range of fabulous colours which also includes some fantastic vibrant shades for those who want to be more daring.  And finally, last year, the stunning platinum colour was added to their colour chart!  All the hair is top quality and ethically sourced, and comes in five lengths starting at 12 inches.

When you think of the term "hair extensions" most people think of lots of long hair which is not always the case!  Hair extensions can be used to create flashes of colour, add volume to a short hair styles, or can even be used to remedy a bad haircut.  Anything is possible with hair extensions.

Hair extensions are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them!  So once you love your hair extensions you will never look back.

Invisibobble – The perfect hair bobble

Hair Bobbles

When I think of hair bobbles it reminds me of those days when you wore your hair up all day because you want a quick evening transformation without too much effort, but when you remove the hairband you find those dreadful kinks and then you need to get your hair straighteners out get rid of them!……..  Well those days have gone – there is now something called the INVISIBOBBLE…….absolutely brilliant!

I hear you say “what is the invisibobble?”  It is "the traceless hair ring" which does not leave any kinks in your hair.

Sometimes putting your hair up can be a nightmare; it can be uncomfortable, cause headaches, and the worst bit is when you remove the hairband you sometimes pull out strands of hair and, yes, that horrible kink!

Well the invisibobble is a stretchy coiled band which leaves no kinks in the hair -  it is kind to the hair, slides out with ease, with no hair loss, and helps to avoid headaches.

Traceless?  Yes it is completely traceless - on removing the bobble my hair had no kinks.

Avoids headaches?  Yes I normally find when I wear my hair up in a ponytail for a long period of time I do get a slight headache.  With the invisibobble you actually forget it is there!

No split ends?  The invisibobble is much kinder to the hair on removal with no snagging or hair loss.

Strong grip?  Once in place you don't have to keep moving it up or tightening it.

Suitable for all hair types?  Oh yes, and it is perfect for hair extensions.

I can honestly say the best hair bobble I have ever tried is INVISIBOBBLE, and great value for just £3.75 for a box of 3.

Having a bad hair day!!!

Hair Extensions

Why is it we are never happy with what we have when it comes to our hair?  I am always trying out new products, looking to find the perfect one!  Here are a few tips for fine hair.

Eight top tips for fine hair

  1. It is best to wash your hair in the morning - fine hair is at its best when it is clean.
  2. When using a conditioner always make sure you use it from the middle of your hair down to the ends - applying conditioner to the roots will only weigh the hair down and make it flat.
  3. Styling products are great for fine hair.  There are lots of products you can spray onto the roots of your hair to give it a boost.  Hair dust is very good for giving roots volume - you don't want anything too heavy.  Hair mousse is very good for adding volume, it acts by swelling the hair shaft which makes the hair look and feel thicker.
  4. When blow-drying the hair, tip your head upside down and blast the roots - this will give you extra root lift.  Once the hair is 50% dry then style as normal.
  5. When blow-drying the hair always section it off.  Start underneath by taking a section.  Always allow the hair to cool before taking the next section.  Choose a rounded hair brush with a metal barrel, these are very good because the metal barrel heats up quicker and acts as a heat conductor making blow-drying quicker, and giving a longer lasting result.
  6. Colouring fine hair can be a great idea.  Adding 2-3 different shades will break up the base colour and make the hair look a lot thicker.
  7. There are also lots of styling appliances out there to help give that extra bit of extra volume.
  8. A few rows of hair extensions are always a good way to add that extra bit of volume.

Why opt for Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions

What are the benefits of having Hair Extensions?

The thing I love about my job is seeing the way Hair Extensions can transform the way people feel about themselves.

It is amazing what results you can achieve by adding volume, length or colour.

Hair Extensions are a great way to create that instant new look!

Five reasons for having Hair Extensions

  1. If you struggle to grow your natural hair.
  2. When hair is really fine and needs that extra volume.
  3. They are a great way to change your look and boost your confidence in an instant.
  4. Best solution to deal with a bad haircut.
  5. Great way to add hi-light effects without having to bleach your natural hair.

Are Hair Extensions suitable for everyone?

Hair Extensions are suitable for most types of hair.

A consultation should always be carried out before having hair extensions fitted, this will ensure your hair is suitable for extensions, check the colour match, help to decide on the look you wish to achieve, and answer any questions regarding aftercare.