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Hair Extensions

What are the benefits of having Hair Extensions?

The thing I love about my job is seeing the way Hair Extensions can transform the way people feel about themselves.

It is amazing what results you can achieve by adding volume, length or colour.

Hair Extensions are a great way to create that instant new look!

Five reasons for having Hair Extensions

  1. If you struggle to grow your natural hair.
  2. When hair is really fine and needs that extra volume.
  3. They are a great way to change your look and boost your confidence in an instant.
  4. Best solution to deal with a bad haircut.
  5. Great way to add hi-light effects without having to bleach your natural hair.

Are Hair Extensions suitable for everyone?

Hair Extensions are suitable for most types of hair.

A consultation should always be carried out before having hair extensions fitted, this will ensure your hair is suitable for extensions, check the colour match, help to decide on the look you wish to achieve, and answer any questions regarding aftercare.