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I always advise my client to have regular hair maintenance on their bonded Hair Extensions.  With regular appointments and correct aftercare your Hair Extensions should last for at least six months.

At certain times of the year our hair grows faster than others, we may also shed hair naturally.  A maintenance appointment is the perfect way to keep your extensions looking at their very best.

As the natural hair starts to grow the Hair Extension bonds become further away from the scalp, this can sometimes make them visible when styling your hair or putting your hair up.

Regular maintenance and check-ups will help to prevent any matting at the root area.  Removing the Hair Extensions and replacing them back to their original position keeps your style looking good, and it also allows the hair to be topped up keeping your style looking its very best.

A maintenance appointment also enables me to check my clients are getting on well with their Hair Extensions. If you need help or would like a consultation, please contact me.

Please also see my Aftercare Page.

I am always being asked why do prices vary so much for Hair Extensions?  How can some people charge £130 for a full head and other people charge £300?

The answer to this – it is hair quality!

Remi [AKA Remy] hair refers to hair that has not had its cuticle stripped and has at least been partially hand-processed to maintain root-tip alignment.  This hair is more expensive, but will remain in good condition for much longer than stripped hair.  It can also be heat styled and coloured.

Sadly, this industry is not regulated and some manufacturers will mark their hair extensions as Remi or Remy hair, but it will have no cuticle, or it is even mixed with synthetic.

The other main scale of measurement of hair quality is the 'percentage of full length' hairs.  Cheaper wefts and pre bonded hair extensions are often made of differing lengths of hair strands.  An average quality of hair that is 18 inches long may have 20% of the strands measuring 18 inches, a further 40% measuring from 14-16 inches, and the other 40% measuring 6-12 inches.  This is the reason why some hair extensions end up looking very wispy at the ends.

I do see some terrible Hair Extensions, and I get lots of phone calls asking for advice because people are having problems with cheap hair which matts after a couple of washes, and which has been applied by people who are not even hairdressers!

Please when you are considering having Hair Extensions, please remember you only get what you pay for…