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Brazilian Blow Dry

Hair Extension Prices The Brazilian Blow Dry is a fantastic treatment which eliminates frizz and adds shine, leaving your hair smooth, silky and more manageable.

An Amazing Blow Dry in half the time!!

The Brazilian Blow Dry is a Keratin based treatment which transforms the hair by improving the condition. This treatment uses a natural hair straightening ingredient which is Keratin - our hair already contains 88% of Keratin, meaning you don't have to abuse your hair with chemicals to get the perfect Blow Dry. The Brazilian Blow Dry is ideal for all hair types, including chemically treated hair (e.g. coloured, permed, relaxed and bleached). It is the perfect treatment for frizzy, wiry, wavy and uncontrollable hair, as it nourishes, reconditions and replenishes the hair, transforming it into the hair of your dreams!

Three simple steps to the perfect Brazilian Blow Dry

There are 3 simple steps to achieving this semi-permanent Blow Dry which lasts for up to 4 months.

  • Application - This treatment takes between one and a half hours to three hours.
  • Sealing - Once the product has been applied it is sealed with the straightening irons. This captures the moisture and hydrates the hair, creating a fabulous glossy and healthy finish.
  • Aftercare - To prolong and maintain the effect of your Brazilian Blow Dry a specialist shampoo and conditioner are always recommended. You will be pleased to know that Extensions by Debbi has both!

Whilst the Brazilian Blow Dry cannot provide a permanent straight result, it does dramatically improve hair manageability and reduces styling time by over 50%! Humidity or rain will no longer affect your hair by becoming FRIZZY!!!!! Bad hair days are gone!!

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