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Micro Rings and Pre Bonds Systems

micro rings and pre-bonds

Strand by Strand (Racoon Hot Fusion)

Racoon Hair Extensions are the strand by strand method.  This process involves taking individual strands of hair extension hair to create an extension.  A small amount of hair extension bonding is then applied to the tip of the extension, allowing it to applicate to a small section of your natural hair. The bonding is gently rolled to form a hard bond.  Please be aware that this a specially formulated hair extension bonding and NOT just a glue!!  This method allows you to create a very natural look.  These can last for up to six months with regular maintenance.

Nano or Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The Nano or Micro Ring process is a cold method which uses no glue, heat or chemicals.  These lightweight and almost undetectable rings are applied to your own hair.  The Pre Bonded Hair Extension Tip is then clamped tightly inside the ring holding it securely to your natural hair.  The rings come in a range of different colours to blend in with the hair.  The tiny ring is almost invisible and it will work on most hair types.  The Nano Micro rings are fairly new to the market.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are one of the most popular systems available today.  The Hair Extension already has the bonding attached to it, these extensions are applied to the hair using a special hot fusion applicator.  Both Hair Extension methods are tipped with the highest quality Italian Keratin, which is also oil and water resistant giving a long lasting durable bond with no shedding.  Micro Rings and Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are available in 18inch, 20inch & 24inch lengths, and a vast range of colours.  All Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are made from the finest quality Remy hair.

Micro Wefts

Micro wefts are a quick and easy way to apply hair extensions.  A small section of hair is placed in between two wefts and sealed together.  This method is ideal to add extra volume and length.  Extensions by Debbi only uses a range of top quality hair which comes in a vast variety of colours.  If your hair colour is not on the colour swatch, then a bespoke colour matching service is available.  Only top quality Indian Remy hair, Brazilian and Russian hair is used.  Longer lengths are also available on request.