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How much do Hair Extensions cost ?

The price of hair extensions really depends on the length of the hair required, thickness and grade of hair, and method of application.  Everyone is looking for something different, that is why we always do a consultation so we can tailor Hair Extensions to suit each individual client.  In this consultation we will ask you lots of questions, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that the style you desire is tailored to suit you and your budget.  A bespoke colour matching service is available at a small cost if you are looking for something totally different ............ maybe the grey shade which is trending at the moment.

Prices for a full head starts from £275, and a part head starts from £90.

How long does a set of Hair Extensions last ?

This will depend on which method of Hair Extensions you choose, but generally around 3-4 months.  Some methods will need maintenance and the correct aftercare will keep you Hair Extensions in top condition.

How long does it take to put in the Hair Extensions ?

It normally takes between 3-4 hours for a Full set including cutting, blending and styling.  Flashes of colour and volume can be done in an hour, and a Part head is generally 2 hours.

How much is maintenance and how long does it take ?

Maintenance starts from £90 depending on which method you have applied.  Hair Extension maintenance appointments takes between an hour to 90 minutes, longer if needed.

How long does my hair have to be ?

The minimum practical length is around 4 inches, this ensures your Hair Extensions will blend in with your natural hair and create the perfect finish.

Will Hair Extensions damage my hair ?

Providing Hair Extensions are applied and removed by a professional technician and the correct aftercare is followed there is no reason why your hair would become damaged.

What products do I need to use ?

Extensions by Debbi carries a full range of reasonably priced Hair Extension aftercare products to protect and keep your Hair Extensions looking fabulous.

What area do you cover ?

We mainly cover Northampton, Daventry, Milton Keynes, Rushden, Wellingborough and the surrounding villages.  However, if you are not located in this area I am happy for clients to travel to me in Northampton - your consultation will be equally private.